A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


The vyzhivalku, sandbox. This is a project that appeared on the big eyes twitch community. 10 days dobolina moderate "relaxing" work produced the base for the possible creation of something more...

What happens next?
I would not want to see the future, but the map will increase in 10 times, the intelligence of the game and the mobs will increase in a more realistic way. Then the whole thing will not be so fast, this is the main task for the developers of the game: be patient. Although without the support of people and activity that don't work...

15/7 - 0.1.0 creation of a page on Gamejolt, launch a public alpha - sandbox;
22/7 - 0.2.0 Add people, new island, fix.

Web site: http://gigeu.url.ph , Email: gigeucom@gmail.com

Install instructions

  • To open the archive,
  • Select the desired operating system,
  • The bit width.


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